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Calzoleria Toscana

Calzoleria Toscana 2856 Ostrich & Crocodile Driver

Calzoleria Toscana 2856 Ostrich & Crocodile Driver

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Soft Ostrich leg skin leather combined with Crocodile skin leather styled in a slip-on loafer. Hand crafted in Italy. Includes a cushioned foot bed and flexible leather sole. From the NEW exclusive Calzoleria Toscana collection. Skillfully crafted hand stitched loafer. Made of superior grade skin.
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Customer Reviews

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Gérard C.
the Toscana drivers

Hello Rob,
The shoes have ben délivered in my letter box this noon.
Thanks you very much.
I was worried because you said « we will notify you when it has been sent «
And I received no notification »…
I have to go away next week and so, everything’s in order before going.
Again thank you very much.
Sincerely yours,

Then : about the 1160 points,
What does it means please ?
What have I won ?
what can I win ?
How many points to win what ?
Thank you.

The Toscana drivers are hardly confortable and not easy to get into. A bit better after having wore them. but they are nice physically. But I think the Mauri ones would have been superior. Very hard tho buy without trying., even for a good price.

I don't belong to any social Facebook or anything...
But I spoke of your shop to a very few friends.
Who knows ?...
Anyway, thanks for the rapidity. and another time, don't forget to send notification.

Sincerely, GCS

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us review!

Ezikel F.
Very nice

Very nice

keiruka n.
very good product

very good product